Sunday, January 27, 2008

erin and adrian : engagement pictures

As you have heard before, my little sister is engaged to be married. I went through and decided on my favorite images and here is the slideshow: erin & adrian
They are so much fun, I wish they lived close to me and I could see them everyday! I can't wait for the wedding in June. I am so sure it will be here sooner than we know it. E & A are planning a beautiful ceremony that is overlooking a fantastic view of Dana Point beach and a reception to follow down in the sand! so here they are in all the fun and fantastic pictures from 2 of the 3 locations we shot at. look for my fave and please tell me yours!

This was at a park in San Dimas
seriously, look at my amazing sister!
an14 so much fun at this little park that Erin and I went to as little kids. Turns out Adrian visited there as well.
an13 Like I said.. AMAZING!
...... still!
They are so in love, so cute and so happy!
an8 This is my favorite out of all the images!!!!!:
an7 Adrian is the sweetest guy, he is cool and fun and is great with my kiddos.. I know they are going to make great parents together someday!
Love it!
The ring:
an4 Look at those beautiful eyes:
an3 So cute
I really love them! Adrian, thank you for letting m take so many pictures. Erin, thank you for finding such a great man who compliments you in so many ways. You guys rock!

Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm here right now. Staples. Pics to come. But don't expect much I have a total nose bleed!


Here are some pictures straight out of my awesome point+shoot canon.

I had so much fun. Thanks to my dad for the tix and for inviting us to come along. ALEX, yes Alex went to a country concert with me. But I guess it wasn't just a country concert.. It was GARTH BROOKS!!!!

I have just one comment to add:
Mr Brooks said, "yes we're here to support the firefighters and yes we are here to support the victims of the CA wildfires, but tonight I gotta chance to play music again!"

you can really tell that he appreciates his gift to make music and write songs and to live the life that he does and be able to touch so many people in so many ways!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The beautiful wedding of Ashley & Tyson

This past Saturday was so much fun! I had the best time shooting with not one, but two of my fave photographer friends. As many of you know I have been working for the fabulous Drewb since earlier last year, and I love it every time. Well, she is ready to be a mom, like any day now, and she decided to back up her awesome style with the fantastic Trista Lerit as well as the fabulous ME! She even brought along her hard working hubby Chuck. I usually just hang with Drew the whole time, but being that the 3 of us all together looked like a crazy bridal paparazzi, I had the great privilage of shooting the guys getting ready. It was a lot of fun to say the least. Tyson and his friends were in such good spirits. And surprizingly they were very much into what they were wearing. Crazy cool and totally in fashion, these guys headed over to the ebell club in Long Beach looking just as hot as the ladies... well almost!
So usually I say here.. the dress.. today it is the suit:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings21

and here are some of the hot labels of the day:

Tyson and his boys were joking around about how much photography was worth and how a single picture is worth a thousand words.. they were being crazy as I was shooting and claiming that now with our awesome digital capacity, pitcures are worth millions and millions of words! I think they are right. Here is the man of the day as he was finished preparing for the day:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings20

Going down to the hotel lobby: I swear they looked like the gang from Ocean's 11, just with a much better agenda for the afternoon oh and a few men short!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings19

I was lovin' all the awesome ties!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings17

and the awesome ceremony site of the ebell:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings18

it was All smiles at the first look, in the bridal room, as Tyson and Ashley met for the first time on their wedding day:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings12
Both of their moms were spying in on the first look, and it was really just a great moment for everyone, as you can see: I think all Drew, Trista and myself were all jsut a teary-eyed as these 2 proud mamas!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings13
almost my fave shot of the day: below
sandrasalisbury photography weddings11
it was so sweet and personal, even with 3 stalker/photographers in the room!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings10
this would have to be my runner up for fave shot of the day:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings9

love the little things that say so much! Millions and Millions !
sandrasalisbury photography weddings8

Super HOTTT Bridal party:

sandrasalisbury photography weddings6

sandrasalisbury photography weddings2
Adorable details:

sandrasalisbury photography weddings7

more cool ties:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings5
aww the love between these two was so sweet!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings4
Here it is.......... MY FAVORITE SHOT OF THE DAY!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings3
My ring creation:Thanks Drew for letting me have my fun!

I think Trista and I have more dancing flower girl shots than ever before!
The cake was awesome! So simple and smooth:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings14
Some jaw-dropping details that fit in perfectly with the ebell club

and a cute little kiss for the end of the night! Drew and Trista, thanks for having me along for the day. Ashley and Tyson, you are amazing and really put on an am, amazing day!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings123

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oldies but goodies

I love these pictures. They are all from 2006, but I wasn't blogging then and I want to share them with you. I sometimes feel like the digital camera comercials where all the people stuck inside the unprinted pictures are talking directy to me. So lets say if the pictures are posted on the blog, then they are set free from the giant trap of my harddrive and no longer need to discuss a break-out plan!

my Susie during her 5th b-day photo shoot: we have been pirate fans for a while. ...

A cute as can be Zachary in our old front yard.
And me + alex at the LA county fair. we love the fair. and he loves to do weird things to my face during pictures!

Oh and woo-hoo... my favorite monday night show is back .. MEDIUM!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Working with Will parris again, Autumn anf Jeff and post # 123

I have yet to post any pictures from my wonderful 2 week adventure full of 100's of Christmas and family memories, but here I have evidence of the most entertaining New Years Eve gig ever! I was so glad that I took the chane to work again with the talented Will Parris of Parris Studios. We spent the afternoon and evening documenting the wedding and awesome party of Autumn & Jeff. I'll start off with this fun pic of Will working hard! Thanks for being a cool photog to hang out with. Your energy is an inspiration!
Here is the beautiful church where they were joined together as Husband and Wife: St. Mark Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach.
sandrasalisbury-1411 copy
some fun details of the super fun boquets
sandrasalisbury-1430 copy
How cute is this shot of Autumn and her father walking down together! She was seriously smiling all day!
sandrasalisbury-1502 copy
Beautiful church
sandrasalisbury-1564 copy
Right before the kiss
sandrasalisbury-1609 copy
the kiss!!!!
sandrasalisbury-1613 copy
Autumn pulled together the perfect bride look, smple, elegant. and her hair! I hear she is a hair-dresser! Awesome job! Check out this cute little bracelet:
sandrasalisbury-1711 copy
Ali the adorable flower girl, totaly stole the show as she tapped down the aisle.
sandrasalisbury-1730 copy
Some fun night portraits. LOVE THIS ONE!
sandrasalisbury-1823 copy Jeff and Autumn were pros at pictures.

sandrasalisbury-1894 copy

sandrasalisbury-1908 copy
After a few shots at the church, we headed over to the famous Turnip Rose , Newport location, for the reception and some moody, newlywed shots.
sandrasalisbury-2088 copy
And onto the party. Of course this was more than just your average wedding reception. this was an exceptionaly fun night full of friends, family and Drinks! The Turnip Rose is amazing and historic and just outright beautiful. Here is my Fave shot of the day! the awesome twinkling lights on the ceiling! It was so beautiful and romantic, and really intimate. it felt like they were the only ones in the room. they really were able to enjoy their first dance as a married couple.
sandrasalisbury-2211 copy
Autumn and Jeff, so in the moment.
sandrasalisbury-2235 copy
Autumn and her dad dancing.
sandrasalisbury-2421 copy

Still dancing!
sandrasalisbury-2425 copy
new years eve cake!
sandrasalisbury-4395 copy
party fun! dancing into the new year! well not yet those are coming up....
sandrasalisbury-4529 copy
Here they are the kiss and the toast all at once!
sandrasalisbury-4682 copy

And my runner up for fave shot of the night! Really I love it, I have to say it's A tie then! I love it, doesnt' it just wrap it all up! Well Happy new year to you all and especially to Autumn and Jeff. I had a blast!

sandrasalisbury-4812 copy
Check out the slideshow for a few more images.

oh the love!!!