Sunday, January 27, 2008

erin and adrian : engagement pictures

As you have heard before, my little sister is engaged to be married. I went through and decided on my favorite images and here is the slideshow: erin & adrian
They are so much fun, I wish they lived close to me and I could see them everyday! I can't wait for the wedding in June. I am so sure it will be here sooner than we know it. E & A are planning a beautiful ceremony that is overlooking a fantastic view of Dana Point beach and a reception to follow down in the sand! so here they are in all the fun and fantastic pictures from 2 of the 3 locations we shot at. look for my fave and please tell me yours!

This was at a park in San Dimas
seriously, look at my amazing sister!
an14 so much fun at this little park that Erin and I went to as little kids. Turns out Adrian visited there as well.
an13 Like I said.. AMAZING!
...... still!
They are so in love, so cute and so happy!
an8 This is my favorite out of all the images!!!!!:
an7 Adrian is the sweetest guy, he is cool and fun and is great with my kiddos.. I know they are going to make great parents together someday!
Love it!
The ring:
an4 Look at those beautiful eyes:
an3 So cute
I really love them! Adrian, thank you for letting m take so many pictures. Erin, thank you for finding such a great man who compliments you in so many ways. You guys rock!


the bride to be!! said...

love them all thank you so much for spending so much time with us. you are the best!

Christee said...

Sandy, these are great! I actually started from the bottom without reading anything, and I thought man, this girl looks like Sandy, it has to be her sister, and sure enough! Your doing such a great job! I love checking your blog for new photos. :)

Amelia . Lyon said...

Oh, so happy for them! You did such a great job on their engagement session....way to go Sandie!

oh the love!!!