Sunday, March 30, 2008

Susie Rocks My World!

I Love This Girl So Much

just a picture from a mini-shoot in my back yard. I promis to post more sometime of both kiddos.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What is ging on with this?

Stacey and Me in the hallway having fun
I had a super interesting time last week on my part business part pleasure trip down route 66. Here is a mysterious picture

Friday, March 28, 2008

Larua and Dale: parents to be

I had the great honor of photographing Laura during her pregnancy. She is the ideally beautiful pregnant woman. So happy and so full of that awesome Glow! I have so many pictures, some are too personal to post but here are 4 of my most loves from the shoot.

fave shot below

Thursday, March 27, 2008

engagement: Kim & Danny

So, how lucky am I that it was pouring rain when my awesome couple, Danny & Kim, had decided on Malibu for their engagement pictures. We decided to shoot anyway, but played it safe and went to the Claremont Colleges. It ending up perfect! The college provided many covers for us to shoot under while still letting us use the beautifully defused light of the day. When I'm shooting my couples during their engagement session, I think about what I will write later on my blog when I post the fun pictures. The best way to get some great commentary going is to mention my blog itself. I often use weird words or phrases to get a giggle or smile out of my couples while discussing this. Kim and Danny really didn't need any help in this department. They came up with their own caption ( which is hidden somewhere in this post. ) If i gave them my own personal caption it would be *Kim + Danny, rockstars extraordinaries * Here are a ton of great images from our rainy day. ... We had a lot of fun and choosing the pictures was hard, so, I posted too many! Enjoy! click here for the rainy day slideshow of Danny and Kim

One of my faves from the day. Below...

Really like this one too!

I had to keep asking Kim to turn her model magic off. She is so great in front of the camera and really knows how to get Danny to respond to my camera as well. Once you get to know me, my style is more of "let me take pictures of you just being together" rather than " smile and say CHEESE" .. Anyway I finally decided to let Kim have her moment and play around.. so of course she says " what am I supposed to do?" I say.. :do what I have been telling you to stop.. ya know pump it up .. show me some attitude!" OH.. that.. so here they are the coolest couple ever looking not at all awkward or unusual ! :)
Right there!! thats what I wanted! LOVE IT! Fave of the day below.

Thanks Danny and Kim for being so awesome and HEY... thank you so much for DINNER! It was the best. And thanks for hanging with me during your surprise going away party :) I can't wait for the wedding.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have had a super busy March. I have a ton of great stuff to show you this week. For starters, here is a great images from Tiffany and James : Take 2

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My baby sis , the infamous Robbi Michelle, gets older today!

I can not beleive that 15 years ago I was in the room with her as she entered this world. It was a wonderful moment that I will never forget. Thanks to our mom for knowing what defines a beatiful memory and letting us take part in that day. I love that i was able to be with her very first day of school.. watching her grow .. seeing her turn into a super aunt... and Just spending time with her. i hold her as close to my heart as I do my kids. She is the funkiest girl I know. So beautiful and strong. FUll of life and love and interesting comments! She is hosnest at times in life when you don't know wether to get mad of laugh at what comes out of her pretty little head!

Happy Birthday Little SISTER!
Hope 15 is the best year so far! Here are some cute pictures I have been promising you.. Since I haven't picked up a gift for you yet.. They aren't retouched at all.. I'm a bit busy with actual WORK! Love you so much.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tiffany + James

I first met with Tiffany and James last year after being sent to them by my good friend Courtney. We met for coffee and got down to business and booked their wedding for this coming May. I ended up sitting with Tiffany (James had a ball game to get to) just talking about her awesome wedding for almost 2-hours. I really can't wait for their wedding day. The site is amazing, the details I'm sure will be and Tiffany + James are as cute as can be! This is going to be one cool wedding.
Originally we had spoke of shooting their e-session before Christmas, but those crazy holidays took over and here we are just over 2 months before the wedding. Well, we lucked out on the weather (um.. rain... every Saturday.... what is going on) and we even got their super sweet pup, Snoop, in for some fun shots. I have to tell you how great T+J were in front of the camera, perfect at the sweet whispers and great little laughs, all made for beautiful pictures. So, no more waiting. Here are a bunch of my favorites from our shoot at Pasadena City Hall.

Here is the slideshow from the day.

how cute is Snoop. He was so good for his mini photo shoot!


I didn't have to give them much direction at all, just let them be themselves and got some great little moments!


they are total naturals, really easy to capture their love and attention towards each other!




Below is my FAVE shot of the day!

Thank you so much Tiffany and James for being so fun to hang with and take pictures of all day! I can't wait to see you in May for your big day!

oh the love!!!