Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Look who is turning 1 !

Over the past year (well almost a year) I have had the great pleasure of taking pictures for the Gabaldon family. It all started when Stephannie called me last year to get some new born pictures of her youngest son, Justin. So, he is alomost a year-old and I was so pleased to hear that Justn's mommy wanted more pics of him. We had a blast at Craig park in Brea with this little early walker. He started at 9.5 months! WOW! We had sooooo much fun, he got a cupcake and a cookie and balloons! He will be one next month. Happy Birthday big boy Justin! I have tooo many pictures that I can say are my faves! Here is a slideshow and please, I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them.

Monday, February 18, 2008

My 7-19-08 couple: Maria & Miguel

Maria and Miguel are extra special, and not just becasue they brought me yummy sugar cookies on the dat f their e-session, but becasuse they called me at the start of last summer looking to book me for this coming summer. They were the first to inquire about my 08 season and it got me super excited to kick off my summer calendar when they booked me. We had a blast down in Newport. It was such a beautiful day with bright blue skies, which made photographing this beautiful couple even better!!! We spent the entire time in th same little area near Crystal Cove. I enjoy so much the time I get to spend with my couples during these shoots! I love getting to know them and finding out what makes a great picture of the two of them. Here are some of my favorites and a slideshow for you to enjoy as well. I can't wait for Maria and Miguel's wedding this summer!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finally, Part of the Club!

What club you say? Well.. the uber-cool 5D club that is. Oh yes! I just joined, yesterday in fact. So, okay, it's not an acutual club. But I plan to make one. For anyone not clear on what my craziness is.. basically I bought my amazing Canon 5D Camera. I love love love it. I shot an engagement session on it yesterday and have another today! I'm so excited. Oh and I got a new lens too. Which I hve been needing bad! A beautiful new 70-200 f4. I really will love this awesome lightweight magical friend of a lens when all my summer weddings roll around. I went with the lightest posible workable telephoto because i love my neck and back too much to keep shooting with the 2.8. HAPPY=ME!
And my new baby! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

super special sneak peek!!!!!! M+M=Engagement pictures

I have the coolest couples. I seriously feel so blessed to have the chance to work with so many fun, beautiful, loving, cool, and just well... AMAZING couples. Today was in no way an exception to this trend. When I booked Miguel and Maria back in August I knew that they were going to be a blast. I will be posting a full set of images from thier engagement session later in the week. But for now here are my fave 2 so far. Oh and how sweet are they.. they brought me a treat. SUGAR COOKIES! they are so delicious. Thank you guys so much, I really love little stuff like this, although it totally makes me cheat on my diet. But, HEY! I couldn't resisit. Told you I had cool clients!

thank you



oh the love!!!