Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finally, Part of the Club!

What club you say? Well.. the uber-cool 5D club that is. Oh yes! I just joined, yesterday in fact. So, okay, it's not an acutual club. But I plan to make one. For anyone not clear on what my craziness is.. basically I bought my amazing Canon 5D Camera. I love love love it. I shot an engagement session on it yesterday and have another today! I'm so excited. Oh and I got a new lens too. Which I hve been needing bad! A beautiful new 70-200 f4. I really will love this awesome lightweight magical friend of a lens when all my summer weddings roll around. I went with the lightest posible workable telephoto because i love my neck and back too much to keep shooting with the 2.8. HAPPY=ME!
And my new baby! :)


Jeannette Wallingford said...

i am sooooo happy for you, i want to join the club!! i guess i have to start making money to buy one of these babies!!

Christee said...

That's awesome, Sandy! Welcome to the club!

oh the love!!!