Thursday, December 28, 2006

Meet Michelle and Bob

The engagement of Michelle and Bob. Totally not knowing where to go for their session, I gave them the option of shooting at Walnut creek in the city where I grew up. (covina) The outdoors worked well with them and at first I thought it might play a bit too nature-ish at the wedding during the slide show, but turns out they are both very much into hiking and camping and all that. These were actually taken in June of 06. Doing a couples engagement pics are my favorite!

The best are the funny couple moments like this

Loving this one!

Thanks Michelle and Bob! Telll me your Favorites! leave me a comment...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tea for 3

Stacey, Courtney and I celebrated our friendship at the Huntington library. We finally had a chance to stuff ourselves at the garden tea room and saved time for a walk around the grounds.

my nature girl playing in the pile of leaves

some cute gift shop stuff

We had a blast! Totally worth the crazy wind/rain storm we watched blow by through the tea room window! Forces of nature!

Thanksgiving... a little late

Just a fun post with my family on thanksgiving day. Be sure to note the progressive posing of me and my hubby with kids and how the shot only works when we pile on top of each other. Thanks Robbi (my sweet sis) for taking those for me.

me and my wonderful mom

Zach started walking nov 15th 2006. this was just after that!

oh the love!!!