Saturday, October 25, 2008

Look at my Creatures : San Diego Zoo :)

We went to the zoo Last Month while down in beautfiul San Diego for a wedding. SInce I was all ready spending the night there because of the 12 hours wedding day.. I figured why not make it a family weekend! It was so much fun. For those of you have never been to the San Diego ZOO.. you must go ! It is 100 times better thatn the LA Zoo. The animals actually come out and look at you. It is shaded and cool and the whole place is beautiful! Here are my fave images from the day. I love spending time with my family and I love seeing all the awesome creatures.

The first two creatures we saw were these funny looking mamals eating some kind of frozen snack!
They seemd to be very consumed by the sweetness of the treat.
I even got one of them to take a picture with me by promising more treats later.
I saw this very attractive creature waliking on a brigde and caught up to him to get a picture.

Many of the creatures were resting.

Some were so hungry they began to eat dead trees.

The attractive one was able to catch the two funny looking ones for a moment. I couldn't resist a picture of this too,


WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DO NOT LIKE 8 Legged Creatures... DO not keep looking at this post. I do not hold myself liable for any damages you may cause to your own computer screen after viewing the next 2 images... :)
After that we saw that the creepy creatures were trying to web us into the park and we quickly ran away.. This was hard being that the webs were only 5 feet above our heads.


I can't think of anything clever to say here, just ahhhhhhh! and ewwwwwww! and that you have to walk under these webs to get down from the polar bear plunge and most people didnt even know they were there.
The funny looking creatures caught thsi giant hippo and it just gave up! The power of small children is amazing!


This creature thought I was boring.


Now my favorites:
This is what my house looke like during the weekend when I'm not there....

A calmer creature asked me to do her headshots:


More faves: Look at the love: This takes my breath away! I could totally be a wild life photog!


So cute! looks like a little kid.



That was our adventure this summer.. well one of them.. There were many many others and I plan to blog a summer highlight post soon!

Happy Saturday (only my second free one in months-sad and happy my shoot was cancelled today)

Party time tonight!

Friday, October 24, 2008

New slideshows are in the works!

For all my wonderful friends out there:

I know You have been waiting for the October Slideshows to be up and running. They will be up today!

Please check back after 2 pm today and all should be running smoothly.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Amber + Anthony : Married

Catching up on my Will Parris Second shooting adventures. Way out of order here but still all good. You see, wedding images don't exppire! Good thing for me cause these are like the digital camera comercials with people stuck inside the camera frozen in mid air.... saying "please print me and set me free". Except mine are all in the multiple hard drives.... all those frozen people can be kinda loud at times :)

One of the things I love about not being the lead photog is the chance i hav eto connect with the groom and his friends. It's a bit weird at times when they realize someone they just met is taking pictures of them getting dressed (finnishing getting dressed i add!!!) and just hanging out.

Anyhow, Amber and Anthony were married this past May. It so does not seem liek ti was that long ago! The entire day was moving and amazing and so fun to be a part of. They were joined together at the Claremont Church of Christ Then held a rocking reception at the Doubletree in Monrovia

I love this first Image of Anthony:

A pair of uber-cute flower girl.. sisters ... perfect moment!

Almost time to head down the aisle


did I menttion is was a pretty amazing church! check out the organ pipes!

May I refresh your memory with the beautiful face of Mrs. Jessica Parris (Will's Wife). Will and Jess are friends of Amber and Anthony! Fun day all around! Will is a lucky dude.

Beautiful couple and beautiful church. I love the passage on the building.


Details, Details.. I love, love them! the table names were movie titles... Notting Hill: I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her! (a fave of me and my hubby, Alex)


Loved the mood set during the first dance!


Fave image of the day:




Thanks to Amber + Anthony for making all the right moves for such a rad day! Thanks Parris studios !

Monday, October 6, 2008

Rebecca + Jon : Married

This June I had the great pleasure of working with Will Parris. I was so busy ove the last few months and I have been so bummed that second shooting blogging was put on the way back burner. I love the group of photographer friends I have made over the past couple years and hanging out with them getting to shoot awesome weddings and meeting wonderful people is so rewarding! Another reason to love what I do every single day.

Rebecca and Jon were married at the Hacienda in Santa Ana. The grounds there are very beautiful. The cermony was so romantic and moving and both Rebecca and Jon were in tears as they saw one another for the first time. It was perfect... I cried!








Thank you Rebecca and Jon for being so in love and for getting married and for allowing Will and Myself to be there to save the special moments forever!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Working with Ryel is mmm mmm good!!!!

Do you see the things Ryel drives me to do? Funny thing is that usually the icing on a cupcake is smooth and creamy. Being that it was about 38 degrees outside and dropping..... these tops were more like candy coating sitting on a mini cake! SOoooo ooOOOO yummy.

as my blog catching up continues, you will see the wedding images from my wedding lastnight. Not doing much catching up today, as I am off to the Lindley Scott house again for a fun wedding day!

How can I resist a tease......

oh the love!!!