Monday, October 6, 2008

Rebecca + Jon : Married

This June I had the great pleasure of working with Will Parris. I was so busy ove the last few months and I have been so bummed that second shooting blogging was put on the way back burner. I love the group of photographer friends I have made over the past couple years and hanging out with them getting to shoot awesome weddings and meeting wonderful people is so rewarding! Another reason to love what I do every single day.

Rebecca and Jon were married at the Hacienda in Santa Ana. The grounds there are very beautiful. The cermony was so romantic and moving and both Rebecca and Jon were in tears as they saw one another for the first time. It was perfect... I cried!








Thank you Rebecca and Jon for being so in love and for getting married and for allowing Will and Myself to be there to save the special moments forever!


Amber Teal Photography said...

I love all of these. You know I love your work. BUT I really really really love the picture of the rings!

tracyk said...

love that second to last shot with the fish eye. niiice!

Will Parris said...

You. Are. Amazing! Sandie is the bomb!!! Boom!!!

oh the love!!!