Thursday, July 26, 2007

Watch out World! Natalie, a model shoot

I had the most amazing time working with the beautiful and talented Natalie this week. You may remember her from a few months back when we first met up at a party. We have been discussing putting together some portfolio work for her and finally had the opportunity to get some amazing images on Tuesday in down-town Pasadena.
I love the crazy washed out lighting on the left side of this image! It just catches my eye! LOVE IT! Natalie was such a great model. I will totally have to use her in the future when getting a group together to shoot! She worked her butt off for 4 hours for me! Anyway, these 2 window shots send me a kind of Scarlett Johansson vibe! When researching for this shoot, I pulled up a ton of images done by SJ and was stoked when the mood of my own pics turned out this way! It was all Natalie. If she decides to follow a path towards Hollywood stardom......she will rock it all the way!
I have to say she defiantly knows how to work the camera. This was with folks passing by and all! they were totally watching us as though we were on some high-end magazine shoot! I think that actually helped us both a bit! I specifically chose this area of Pasadena because of this parking garage that I have seen before. Although parking there on the weekends is free and we payed a crazy weekday working peoples rate.. it was totally worth it. We shot 80% of our images just in and around this structure!
How hot is she here? I really had fun with this wall! It is actually a reflective driving precaution in the parking structure. This made it interesting to get light to the right places without lighting up the funky wall. I was totally growing as an artist and being really random. It pays off to try the unexpected!
These last ones were our final set.. in the dark none the less. Natalie, you are an awesome model in the making! Thanks for working with me. I look forward to next time!
So, tell me how did i do fo rmy first time out in Model land? Should I climb back into my safe world of weddings?

Mr and Mrs Gonzales with the AWESOME photog drewb!

I had the great pleasure of working with my super photographer friend Drew Newhard-Bittel. second shooting for her is really a treat. She even gives me the chance to express my creativity on her couples at times. Last Saturday we shot the wedding of Lauren and Doug Gonzales. We began at Lauren's family home with some getting ready candids.

Then we were off to Pitcher Park to create a first look for the happy couple. This was really fun and a super time saver. Having Lauren and Doug see each other before the ceremony may seem a bit untraditional, but it holds many perks. No waisting reception time away from your guests, a chance for a super emotional moment between your Bride ans Groom with out the constraints of the church rules, and it is always different for each couple! Here are some fun wedding party shots ablong with the first look.

After the park we followed Lauren and Doug to the Orange Circle fore some fun city shots. It is always a blast to see people with their googling eyes as the B&G raom around a down-town setting!

This is my favorite of the day. Totally different than my usual faves.. but thats why I like it.

The Orange County Museum of Art hosts weddings and receptions Lauren and Doug held their reception here and I must say it was breath-taking! I love when the colors of the day are based off one solid and accented with variations (pink in this case) of the same hue! There were hundreds of candles and awesome pink rocks glittering on every table. The style of dinng was completely casual and fun. Not any formal serving, but absoultley stylishly set-up! The site also allows an in-door/out-door combo. Great for visiting and partying alike! Instead of a seating list or place cards the couple had a note on each table informing that a donation had been made in thier name to the Autism Awareness Foundation. I thought this was very classy, what a great way to thank their guests.

You know I couldn't let this hot pick wedding day pass by without some funky ring shots!

The fabulous cake.
Doug and Lauren have a wonderful set of friends family who gave very touching speaches. It was so emotional.. I was again happy to be hiding behind my camera!
I will end with this sweet pink ring detail. Thanks to Drewb for showing me a great time and to Lauren and Doug for a spectacular day. Keep scrolling to find the slideshow link.
Check out a Slideshow of Lauren and Doug's wedding day.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Baby Holly

Monday, July 16, 2007
She isn't quite a baby anymore! I had the wonderful fulfilment of taking Miss Holly's 2-year-old pictures this past Monday. Holly is the daughter of my friends Rachel and Russ. Rachel and I were pregnant together. (which by the way, is sad because my little guy will be turning 2 next) I was excited and felling very challenged as we headed out to Santa Monica with a car full of kids. Not only because of the energy bottled up in many almost 2-year-old tykes, but because Russ is a great photographer himself and it is always a little interesting to see what I can come up with to impress other creative minds! Holly is so active and adventurous. Very fitting, she brought along Curious George to our photo shoot. He managed to make it into most of the pictures. I seriously was rolling around in the sand and running and jumping after her for 2 straight hours! Here are some of the fun images we captured from this beautiful little babe! Click here for her slide show.

This is my favorite shot of the day. I love everything about it. You MUST checkout the slideshow. It's a tear jerker!

I hope Holly enjoys her pictures and has a great 2nd b-day. I really had a wonderful time playing with her spending the day in Santa Monica. Click here for the slide show featuring this stunning youthful sweetie!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Introducing Mr. & Mrs Davis

With the help of a great photographer David Champagne I had a fantastic time at the intimate wedding of Jason and Nuria Davis on July 14th. Here are a few of my favorite images form the day.

As soon as you meet Nuria you see that she has she has such a warm, inviting ring about her that it is difficult to look at her and not smile. Even though I met this couple less than 2 months ago, I felt like an very old friend. He has this passionate, curious enchantment when ever he s around her. The way Jason wraps his fingers up in her hair and the way Nuria gazes deep into his stare, makes me appreciate that I get to play a part in the making of such amazing memories. I was so excited to see this beautiful Alfred Angelo dress. My wedding dress was modeled after a very similar style! It was very fun to get the awesome contrasting red against the soft traditional bridal white.
Nuria had just a single bridesmaid. Valarie had a splendid time helping her wonderful friend prepare for this moment. I had some fun hanging out with them too!
I love this image. The ceremony began at 3:00. Guests gathered at Jason's parents home in Upland which was adorned with many beautiful clocks. This one was in the powder room.
Jason as he sees his future wife.
during the ring exchange.
Nuria, during her vows. You can see Jason in the reflection of her eye. Check it out, click the image to enlarge it.

Now some fun around the reception site. Held at Angleo's and Vinci's in Fullerton. Jason and Nuria have such great young spirits! They did everything I asked of them .

Nuria defiantly knows how to play around in front of the camera.

I am such a sucker when it comes to chocolate! Hugs and get this TRUFFLES!!! Wow, they were delicious.
And my first reception using an off camera flash! It was a total blast!
And the dancing never stopped!
Thanks to such an awesome couple and to my photographer friend David!
Click here for the slide show. Be patient, it takes a minute to load.

oh the love!!!