Sunday, February 3, 2008

super special sneak peek!!!!!! M+M=Engagement pictures

I have the coolest couples. I seriously feel so blessed to have the chance to work with so many fun, beautiful, loving, cool, and just well... AMAZING couples. Today was in no way an exception to this trend. When I booked Miguel and Maria back in August I knew that they were going to be a blast. I will be posting a full set of images from thier engagement session later in the week. But for now here are my fave 2 so far. Oh and how sweet are they.. they brought me a treat. SUGAR COOKIES! they are so delicious. Thank you guys so much, I really love little stuff like this, although it totally makes me cheat on my diet. But, HEY! I couldn't resisit. Told you I had cool clients!

thank you



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Anonymous said...

Awesome Job! That is so sweet that you got a yummy surprise! :)

oh the love!!!