Friday, May 4, 2007

What a beautiful boy!

I'd like you all to meet baby Justin. He was born in March and is the youngest of 3 very handsome boys. I had the great pleasure of visiting their home to capture some moments and have a little fun. Justin's mom, Stephannie, contacted me on-line and agreed that bringing my toddler along to the shoot would be fine since she had a 2-year-old. Turns out is was actually bring your kids to work day, so looky me being all cool and office savvy! I also got to take some pics of the Grandmothers form either side of the family and Mom and Dad too! It was a seriously busy 2 hours.

I really like the contrasting colors on this frame! it makes me feel so happy!!!!!

Stephannie is a super sweet, super patient mom. She is wonderful with all three awesome young boys.
He was so cool...looking right at the camera!!!

So many different faces and at such a young age! He was great to capture, I couldn't stop clicking away at him!
You all know how much I love feet. It wouldn't be a proper Sandra Salisbury post with out 'em!
So, here is big brother Jaden. He is the rocket of the family. Almost 2-years-old and full of energy, it was defiantly a challenge to get him where I wanted. But, with a lot of help from mom and dad and grandma's and big brother Jovi, we got him a couple of times!!!!
How ADORABLE is this one? I love the moments that happen as you try to get the right thing set up! to me these are the only right things about taking pictures!!!!!
more feeeeeeet. I should totally have a end of year foot contest or something!

How sweet is this?

Daddy is a Yankees fan! so, of course his boys are too. Such cute little fans!

This is the best we could get of all three boys at the time. Jaden was all about playing with the baseball and not looking at me for our cite little baseball theme portrait!

Check out what a perfect family they are! And Jovi was awesome, he is a great big brother, very loving and very helpful!!!

And here's our fun family shot. This was actually a lot of work. I really had fun hanging out with this beautiful family and so did Zach! I hope to follow them and capture moments more as they continue to grow.
I Made a little slideshow through the genious of mr wonderful himself, David Jay, and his spectacular showitweb ... Click here.....Let me know what ya think when you're done =)


DrewB said...

I love the one where the mom is looking down at the baby and the baby is looking up at her. Great job!

auntie em said...

great pics as always i really love the one of mommy looking up and big brother looking down while they laugh in a beautiful moment! you are awesome!!!!

oh the love!!!