Thursday, March 6, 2008

My baby sis , the infamous Robbi Michelle, gets older today!

I can not beleive that 15 years ago I was in the room with her as she entered this world. It was a wonderful moment that I will never forget. Thanks to our mom for knowing what defines a beatiful memory and letting us take part in that day. I love that i was able to be with her very first day of school.. watching her grow .. seeing her turn into a super aunt... and Just spending time with her. i hold her as close to my heart as I do my kids. She is the funkiest girl I know. So beautiful and strong. FUll of life and love and interesting comments! She is hosnest at times in life when you don't know wether to get mad of laugh at what comes out of her pretty little head!

Happy Birthday Little SISTER!
Hope 15 is the best year so far! Here are some cute pictures I have been promising you.. Since I haven't picked up a gift for you yet.. They aren't retouched at all.. I'm a bit busy with actual WORK! Love you so much.


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Shawn Kloster said...

Awesome... such a cool "big sister" thing to do. Nice shots. =)

oh the love!!!