Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm here right now. Staples. Pics to come. But don't expect much I have a total nose bleed!


Here are some pictures straight out of my awesome point+shoot canon.

I had so much fun. Thanks to my dad for the tix and for inviting us to come along. ALEX, yes Alex went to a country concert with me. But I guess it wasn't just a country concert.. It was GARTH BROOKS!!!!

I have just one comment to add:
Mr Brooks said, "yes we're here to support the firefighters and yes we are here to support the victims of the CA wildfires, but tonight I gotta chance to play music again!"

you can really tell that he appreciates his gift to make music and write songs and to live the life that he does and be able to touch so many people in so many ways!

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