Thursday, January 24, 2008

The beautiful wedding of Ashley & Tyson

This past Saturday was so much fun! I had the best time shooting with not one, but two of my fave photographer friends. As many of you know I have been working for the fabulous Drewb since earlier last year, and I love it every time. Well, she is ready to be a mom, like any day now, and she decided to back up her awesome style with the fantastic Trista Lerit as well as the fabulous ME! She even brought along her hard working hubby Chuck. I usually just hang with Drew the whole time, but being that the 3 of us all together looked like a crazy bridal paparazzi, I had the great privilage of shooting the guys getting ready. It was a lot of fun to say the least. Tyson and his friends were in such good spirits. And surprizingly they were very much into what they were wearing. Crazy cool and totally in fashion, these guys headed over to the ebell club in Long Beach looking just as hot as the ladies... well almost!
So usually I say here.. the dress.. today it is the suit:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings21

and here are some of the hot labels of the day:

Tyson and his boys were joking around about how much photography was worth and how a single picture is worth a thousand words.. they were being crazy as I was shooting and claiming that now with our awesome digital capacity, pitcures are worth millions and millions of words! I think they are right. Here is the man of the day as he was finished preparing for the day:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings20

Going down to the hotel lobby: I swear they looked like the gang from Ocean's 11, just with a much better agenda for the afternoon oh and a few men short!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings19

I was lovin' all the awesome ties!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings17

and the awesome ceremony site of the ebell:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings18

it was All smiles at the first look, in the bridal room, as Tyson and Ashley met for the first time on their wedding day:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings12
Both of their moms were spying in on the first look, and it was really just a great moment for everyone, as you can see: I think all Drew, Trista and myself were all jsut a teary-eyed as these 2 proud mamas!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings13
almost my fave shot of the day: below
sandrasalisbury photography weddings11
it was so sweet and personal, even with 3 stalker/photographers in the room!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings10
this would have to be my runner up for fave shot of the day:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings9

love the little things that say so much! Millions and Millions !
sandrasalisbury photography weddings8

Super HOTTT Bridal party:

sandrasalisbury photography weddings6

sandrasalisbury photography weddings2
Adorable details:

sandrasalisbury photography weddings7

more cool ties:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings5
aww the love between these two was so sweet!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings4
Here it is.......... MY FAVORITE SHOT OF THE DAY!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings3
My ring creation:Thanks Drew for letting me have my fun!

I think Trista and I have more dancing flower girl shots than ever before!
The cake was awesome! So simple and smooth:
sandrasalisbury photography weddings14
Some jaw-dropping details that fit in perfectly with the ebell club

and a cute little kiss for the end of the night! Drew and Trista, thanks for having me along for the day. Ashley and Tyson, you are amazing and really put on an am, amazing day!
sandrasalisbury photography weddings123


DrewB said...

Sandie! You did such an awesome job! Thanks for all of your hard work. Words can't express how much I appreciate it!

ashley & jeremy parsons said...

These images are hott - I love the runner up shot - it's my number one fav, and there are so amazing shots and moments here!!

Will Parris said...

Sandie, amazing job my friend!! Wonderful details, wonderful ring shot, wonderful everything! I'm in awe of your work!!

Mr. & Mrs. Boretz (Ashley) said...

We thank you Sandie for capturing our special day! You did an amazing Job and we love the photos! THANKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great work Sandie! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your runner up fav shot its beautiful!
-Angie Sloan

Frazier Group Realty Inc said...

Very nice venue.

I love the bridesmaids you know the designer?

oh the love!!!