Wednesday, November 28, 2007

100 blog posts for Sandra Salisbury!!! Yippee!


Today is my fantastic 100th post. It has been almost a full year since my first official blogger entry. I have had so much fun learning and laughing and just having a great time sharing my photography across the W W W ! In celebration of this marker, I have started a list of 100 tasks to acomplish. They range from things needed/wanted to be completed next week all the way to 10 years from now! I will share it with you all soon. (as soon as it's done) =)
I have a tom of fun stuff coming up to post this weekend. See you back soon!
Here is a link back to the very first Sandra Salisbury Photography blog

Also a few cool facts about SSP..... We are about to hit our 500,000 mark at and we had record humbers in July and October reaching over 50,000 in each month! This all since the website went on-line in March of 2007! We are expecting the new site to launch soon and hopefully doubl all these awesome numbers in the coming weeks! (ok months!)

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