Thursday, November 29, 2007

Take your daughter to work day?

I decided since I don't work in an official office, and aren't able to participate in all that fun office atmosphere, I will create my own festive events. Toady was my go at letting my 6-year-old help me with my blog. She picked out 4 pictures of her and baby brother from this summer. Then helped me add some fun effects ad now I'm sharing them with you here! These are some of my very favorites from our front yard adventures this year. We played in the water almost everyday. It is our most enjoyable summer pasttime.

Zach is not as excited as Susie about just jumping right in. He is more of an observer!
I have no idea what this crazy face was directed towards. But, he does this a lot and it could be for a many number of things.
If I had to pick one picture of my kids from this year that truly dipicted who they are as siblings, this would be it. I could add my own caption explaining it, but I'd rather hear what you have in mind. Leave a comment if you can explain this one below.
And this is Susana's #1 pick for this post. notice the outfit! This pictue was taken in early June. I can understand the patriotic stars on the skirt-total summer-ish, but the halloween shirt! She is so stylish! =) That's what I love most about her, hse isn't afraid to be herself and is confident enough to wear the wrong holiday attire all year long!

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