Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Family Goodies

I had planned to post a bunch of fun family activity bloggings over this summer. It turns out I was a bit busier than was expected. So instead I decided to save it all up and do a highlights slideshow. Here are a ton of super fun super cool.. or you could say hot images from this summer. Some things included :
Our visit with my Grandma to Ukaih for our visit with my Great Aunt Vivian
The awesome road trip to Lexington Oregon
Lisa's baby shower in Sacramento with our best friend Nikki
Auntie Em and Uncle Squishy's early summer visit to our new house
Los Angeles Zoo with our cousins the Haywoods and the Zimmers
The LA county fair
Fun in our front yard

I am so blessed with a beautiful, happy, healthy family! to veiw the full size show click here

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