Saturday, December 9, 2006


I'm branching out and taking the plunge into the giant pool of self employment. This is my fist time! Welcome to my not so official photo blog. this is my youngest babe showing off his new found ability to point one finger when asked how old he is. Taken on his first b-day, dec first, with one of my new toys... a gift from my wonderful mom! tell me your thoughts and I shall feed you with more pictures.
dont be shy... i need to know you're out there... keep me moving!
~ sandie
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Anonymous said...

you are doing such a great job. the things you see that i couldnt have thought of are just amaizing. keep moving and dont forget to save a slot on your calandr for my wedding. i would love it if you could take a few pics of the me and the kids as well as adrian and myself (if thats possible, you know without his hand in front of his face)!! we dont have any good pics, but you make anything look good in your pics! keep it up and just continue to put your heart into it and you will do wonders.

Roberta Robins said...

You have always been free to try a different approach to your photography, doing something that at first seems unusual, but the results are wonderful. Keep up the good work. Your dream will come true. Do what your heart desires.

Sandra Salisbury said...

thank you guys for the support and encouraging words. It really helps to hear your thoughts and praises!
thank you!

oh the love!!!