Thursday, December 4, 2008

Meet the Soliven Family

Say hello to one of my favorite families! I met the Soliven's a couple of years ago before the youngest member of the crew was around. Now they are a fantastic family of 5 who are all realy fun.. really creative.. and really cool to be around. I have been bugging Kathy to let me take her babes pictures for a while. They kind of remind me of my own family.. well not that I'm saying all that about myself, but that we have the same interests and the dynamics are a bit alike. You'll see below how their great personalites each shine brightly on their own and how that light just adds to the beauty of them all mixed up together.. Ok now that Kathy and Mike have all that great mushy stuff to tease me about writing.. here are the images from their day. Enjoy!

A great start.. a picture says a thousand words.. right..
Ethan and Amanda are two of the coolest kids around.


The 5 all together, not messing around.


I love the next 2 images-No wonder they have 3 adorably perfect kids!
Kathy and Mike are, like I said, too much fun! Mike likes to tease people and this makes me think Kathy has her hands full... all the time..


I don't even remember what he was doing here but it really is how you might see him on a normal day.


I think little Danica might be trying to escape.. or maybe wondering why her siblings are sitting still and smiling.. someone should have told her to get with the program!


Looks like she got the message.. I guess she had other plans.. But when you're this cute you can get away with pretty much everything!


Someone really gets it now and is trying to steal the show.




This is one of my top faves of the day. I love how Ethan is looking over at his big sis!


Of course we had to jump !


And jump some more! I love his crazy rockstar jump!


And again Danica thinking its all about "me" ! Thanks so much for letting me to hang out with you for the day and get some fun moments captured!



Mrs. Bond said...

Oh what an ADORABLE family!!

Kathy said...

Thanks Sandie! We love them!

Yadira said...

Soo cute!!!

oh the love!!!