Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Parris family pics version 2.0 + my 200th post!!!!

I went to Parris again!!!! And just like last year, I do mean Parris not Paris. I had the amazing pleasure yet again to capture the fun family of Mr. Will Parris of Parris Studios. This year was even better than last! Will and Jessica have the most adorable little lady on their hands. She is growing up.. well has grown up a ton from when I last saw her back in May! I could take pictures of this terrific trio all day long. Here are some of my faves form the shoot!

Charlotte has a super smile.. finding it can be tricky.. she is a bit serious, most likely because her parents dish out enough craziness for I'd say... 4 maybe 5 more kids!
Charlie givin Mommy some love!
This is my fave of the day!
and my runner up !
Some vintage feel going on....

Ok.. so maybe this is the tie for fave of the day.. and hey there is that smile I was telling you about!
love it!!!!!!!
and this was my first shot of the day.. so awesome! Little Charlie will be running around the house soon enough and life will suddenly speed up by about 500 times! Thank you, amazing Parris Family, for allowing me to spend some time with you and get these fun moments! You guys ROCK!


Jessica & Will said...

Thanks, Sandie! These look great! Thanks for spending the time with us that night to do it! Can't tell you how much I appreciate having some pictures with Will actually IN them :)

Will Parris said...

Sandie Rocks!! Thank you so much Sandie, it was an honor to be captured by you :)

Thank you so much, we love them all!! Aloha & mahalo!!

oh the love!!!