Monday, December 3, 2007

Zach's low-key birthday dinner

Yesterday we had a home-made dinner celebration for Zachary's 2nd birthday. I made enchiladas for the first time in our new place (not so new.. we have lived here since may ) with the much appreciated help of my baby sister Robbi. Since we went for a not so over the top party, I felt at least getting some festive kid plates etc was necessary! This picture is in the wrong spot. He did this at the end of the night after dinner and dessert, but I wanted you all to laugh first, cause Zach cries in this post!

His place-mat that he picked out from target (thanks Taren, Jeremy and Kenna) and his Sponge-Bob cake I made just for him!

Zach getting acquainted with his cake before we lit the candles.

Me comforting him because he started crying when we turned out the light and started singing happy birthday. I love how Susie is leaning over all concerned to see how her baby brother is doing! =)

So we held him close and sang again with the lights on. But he did the lip thing again and we just let the song go! I love this picture below ( thanks Robbi)

Me feeding my big boy his sponge bob topping!

I can't believe he is 2!!!!!! He is so much fun. I love being a mom. I LOVE my kids so much!!!!1

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Jennifer Elaine said...

Happy Belated to your son!! I'm so with you on the low key 2nd birthday! Isabella's is the 21st of this month and that's what we're doing!

oh the love!!!