Sunday, December 2, 2007

Here is my dirty little secret!

So, you know everybody has one.. or maybe two! Mine is that during my 4 fabulous years of that unforgettable era everyone goes though called HIGH SCHOOL, I was a member of the school marching band. Well, technically I was in drum line, which is way cooler then band. (but I think having to justify that makes if not cool in itself) Anyway, Alex and I actually met in high school and were in band together. We didn't start dating until 1997, which was 10 years ago, and makes me feel really old when I say I have been with my hubby for that long! WOW! So, he was in drum line as well (another cool kid). We have always wanted to go to a band competition with our daughter, and never did. Then when our son was born we again told ourselves to get out and see the bands.. Finally we did it this year. We barely made it though because the season starts in October and ends before Christmas. We figured going to the big show which we knew as TOC (tournament of champions) would be best. I searched for it on Google and everywhere else, but the competition ceases to exist! What I did find was another version of the same thing. So we packed up the kids and all our needs for the day and headed out the Corona for the Marching band performances at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. For those of you not in California, we just got our first (and probably only) cold spell of the year. It rained all day Friday and was Freezing on Saturday. It was fun to sit in the stands all day and cuddle close to my family. This was our fun day for Zach's 2nd birthday as well, which, in my mind, totally beats out Chuck e Cheese! We specifically chose this performance site because our High School, Charter Oak, was performing. For the past few years we have seen their band at parades and been quite sad at the size and abilities of the group. But this year it was an honor to say we went there and are "with the band". They placed 1st in colorgaurd and Band for the 1A division! Yippee for us... I mean them!. I know this might sound corny to some, but we aren't too big on sports or that type of thing in our house. We were thrilled to hear Susie say she wanted to play those big drums when she gets to High school! we'll see how that goes when the time comes.
So here are a few fun images from our adventure on Saturday December 1st at the SCSBOA 2007 Field Championships.
Charter Oak Performoming their award winning show:
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and another of COHS
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And a fave from the night show, William Hart High School
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And a short video for those of you who have no idea what a marching band performance is!

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Jennifer Elaine said...

I knew there was something I really liked about you Sandie:) I was in the wayyyyyyyyyy cooler brass section though. Maybe next season we can go to a show hubby laughs at me wanting to go. He just doesn't get it.

oh the love!!!