Tuesday, December 4, 2007

things I love about this past September

I am truly enjoying this once every-day posting gig! Being able to post a lot of personal goods up here is fun for me because I hope it gives my clients (you all out there) a chance to get to know me a bit more.I have so much work I am going trough at this moment and to escape it for a few minutes each day is perfect. Weird though how my work (this blog) is now my escape from work!!!! I spend a lot of time asking you questions and learning about your personalities, this is where you can learn more of who I am. So, i wanted to post this in September, but the time slipped by too fast. First but not the most important by far, would have to be my Blackberry Curve! I love it because it lets me live life and still get any uber important messages that have special requests or time limitations!!! Plus it hold a lot of stuff.... I have a 2 gb card in it! Who would have ever thought of a 2 gb memory card for a cell phone?
second: But on the very top of my list and from the whole entirety of my heart... is my babes!
Susie is a hair stylist! Poor baby brother! third: ahhhhhhhhh the rain.. It finally came to us during the very end of the month. I love rain! It is my most favorite thing. I can do anything in the rain. i especially love going to Disneyland in the rain! :)
Forth: and no particular order for these items (except for the babes) RASCAL FLATTS released their new CD!!!!! I' love it even more than the last 4 albums. They keep getting better!
And some lyrics from my fave song off that CD, Still feels good....... :)

Well, that was my September. With a few things left out. Oh and I have to mention my all time favorite thing which can't be ranked or categorized, my hubby, Alex!

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