Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Even Almighty, totally not expected!

Last week I was mad at my DVR box for not recording my shows, but I still wanted to watch something good! So, I splurged and ordered a movie from the on demand list. Funny how my DVR can't work properly but can always offer me the shows that I have to pay for! Anyway, I hadn't yet seen Even Almighty, and had been wanting to far a long time. We don't really get out to the theatre, having 2 small children makes it tricky and we always miss them while enjoying a show. So, most of our major motion picture viewing is done from our home. I decided to watch Evan Almighty for the very reasonable price of $3.95.

My reasons for wanting to see this movie were abundant. First of all the fabulous actress Lauren Graham is a co-star and I LOVE her! Second, I thought the preceding movie, Bruce Almighty was hilarious and i figured this one would be as well. And third, my favorite band, Rascall Flatts, has a song in the movie! Not just any song... A remake of the famous song created by the most amazing band who ever played, The Beatles!!! They recorded Revolution, click here to see how the rock it out!!! Finally, this movie had me laughing a lot! It also had me Crying a lot too. For a movie you would go to see because it seems to be easy going and light and sure to bring happiness to your heart. Well, yes this is what it did for me. It really got me thinking, and I love when you see something and can't get it our of your head. Take this, A.R.K. and then see the movie and come to me a tell me what you think. It was shocking for a message so strong to come from a film like this, especially because Bruce Almighty had its messages, but none that stuck a cord like Evan Almighty. I don't want to give anything away if you haven't seen it. But please if you have been putting it off or just aren't interested, it's worth it! It will get you thinking about your family and your friends, but most importantly, the people you don't know. It will get that holiday spark going for you. So, then decide on your A.R.K. and go do it!
Here is a trailer of the movie

I highly suggest this movie. It is way cleaner than Bruce Almighty! But, still just as funny! Plus you are gaurenteed to come away from it with more than just 90 minutes of great entertainment.

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