Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm easy to please. This is my entire christmas wish list!

As I was sitting here working through some images from this summer, a commercial grabbed my attention. My all time favorite show Gilmore Girls (which ended this year in a sudden unexpected series finale) has been released on a complete series DVD set!!!! I'm so jazzed, yes JAZZED! I hang out by the TV series DVD section every time I'm at costco or target! So, this is it, all I want! Well that and maybe some gourmet chocolate!

Here are a few images I was working on. These are from a wedding I worked on with Drew. Traci and Kevin Sanchez were married In September in Upland. It was a beautiful day. Even more beautiful since Traci is an old friend of mine.

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DrewB said...

Whoa! You are really behind on blogging :) Great images as always!

oh the love!!!