Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is my Monday Post :)

I know techncally today is now Tuesday, but my body and mind are still working as though it is is Monday, so really it is!!!!!! I have been sitting on these super fun, super special pictures for the past 2 days. I have a fun story to tell you along with them. Some of you know my story, my photography story that is. I have been in love with taking pictures since before I can remember anything else basically. Well a few years back now one of my really good friends asked me to help her out with her new business. She wanted me to come along and take pictures with her. Get this... I turned her down, I turned her down because I had just landed this hot new waitress job at Disneyland. Since working weekends as a server is a must, I had to pass her up and quitting was far from anything I could imagine! I was crazy! Crazy for my job that is! I love Disneyland and being able to work there and still make my normal server tips I had become so fond of was like having the cake, eating the cake and all the left over frosting too!!!!! Turns out that fun fun job was less exciting than I thought and the fun was for the guests not so much the cast members!

Cut to the chase....... Guess where I GOT to work this past Saturday? Yep! Disneyland, the place where all the magic happens. I was thrilled when I found out the amazing love story involving one of my couples for next year, Andrew and Liz, and Disneyland! I will supply the full story for you in their Engagement post later this week. Just as a teaser, here is one from thier session. I just wanted to say how cool it felt driving home from their shoot. I was working... taking pictures.... at DISNEYLAND. This was baking the cake, licking the batter bowl, frosting it in my fave flavor and eating a few spoonfulls on the way, admiring my finished masterpeice, then eating it and sharing it with all my friends!!!!!!And of course the best part of it all were the two people in love whom I was able to follow around for a few hours. I love learning about people, hearing about there history together and watching them enjoy one another. What a cool job!!!!


and here is one bonus extra number 2 just because my monday post is so late!


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