Friday, September 14, 2007

My cousin Sheri is getting married in 1 month!

Some of you may remember back in December I drove down to San Clemente to take some fun engagemnt pics of my super fun cousin Sheri Zimmer and her wonderful boyfriend Wes Menke. I have been waiting a long long time for the wedding and I received the invite just this week and yippie for me (and them) because the invite has my pictures on it! It is so classy and sleek and I can not wait to take the wedding pictures next month. Sheri has been super kind and allowed plenty of time for some photo opps donw at the beach. Here is a shot of the invite and the cool black window holder with satin wine ribbon where my cute little pictures peek through.

So just because it has been a super long time since your engagement session, here are some of the pics form that day last year.

the sky was amaZing!

It really seems like I was just taking these pics a few months ago. Best wishes and we can't wait to see you all geared up in your wedding attire! I'm sure t will be my best wedding ever!

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