Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer fun, well spring I guess

The last week of school was always very exciting. I looked forward every year to the St. Louise Carnival. It was held at a church down the street from my high school and all us cool kids would head down there as a summer kick off each year. I am so pleased that I am now able to share this little piece of history with my own children. The parking is always crazy, so, here we are heading over there from a block away. I think the walk over adds to the whole carnival experience (and it serves as a great moment for the kiddies to calm down after all the sugar and games-myself included)
The lovely little sister Robbi Michelle, Isn't she a doll????
My hubb-ster and my babies.
The amazing Zachary
We can see it!!!! FUN FUN FUN!
This is the free Daddy ride.
Proof that the cotton candy was bigger than her head!
My boy eating his mini pizza dinner.
The best kiss ever!!! My princess, Susie.

Zach with his prize. Also bigger than his head, his whole body too!
Waiting in line for the be ride.

More waiting.. We waited a while for a rinky little carnival.. it was pretty busy.

beautiful sky with a fun ride!

Look who is tired from all the waiting. Susie in the spinning apple. She spun so fast, even the picture was crooked!!!!!
That's me, just lovin myself! There are never any pics of me, so for me, here's me!!!
And how about one of the MANY goofy shots me and my baby sis take.
I love this carnival and will go again next year. I wanted to post some fathers day images, but had to share these first, so stay tuned for some happy Fathers day pics soon!


Cheryl May said...

Your family looks like a ton of fun! I hope I get to meet them someday :)

oh... and thanks so much for your coments a while ago :)

Sandra Salisbury said...

Cheryl, You're so sweet. I love your blog and when you do meet my kids, I will have get you to work your photo magic on them!! Thanks for stopping by!

oh the love!!!