Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just Jazzy, The new Mr. and Mrs Perez

Of course, I'm still catching up on my posts from May. I believe this post puts me pretty even. I shall be back on track for a while. On the 25th I had the best opportunity to work with Amelia Lyon as a second shooter. The wedding of Ashley and Jeff at the LDS Temple in San Diego was very beautiful and colorful and well, just CLASSIC!!! The color pallet was a very pleasing .. .. a dark chocolate brown and a soft flowing yellow accented with a deep navy blue and a brill ant juicy apricot. The bridesmaids dresses were as cute as could be, very jazzy and old American style.
Here are the ladies waiting for their friend to head out of the temple as a married woman.

The moment at last.....
Right out out of the temple, Mr. and Mrs. Perez.

I beleive I have a hidden love for adorable flower girls, they make these special days even more memorable.

What wedding day doesn't have a few of these?

and these!!!! I love that she is bunny-earing Amelia!

Beautifl Bride!

I love the sunglasses, You have to check out Amelia's Post too!

totally random shot, but one of my faves!

Can you look at this with out wondering what Jeff is thinking... Just kiss her!!!!!! I LOVE IT!

A bride resting on her new husbands chest, always a sweet moment!
The reception was held at The Centennial Heritage Museum. The set up was perfectly in key with the mood of the day. Ashley and Jeff were hosting such a lavish soiree, from the florals to the foods, we all felt like royalty.
The quaint and beautiful venue. Here the reception guests watched a brief ring exchange between the bride and groom. You'll see that later.
How awesome is this, LDS weddings are extremely relaxed and about the joining of two people forever more than the joining of many people for a big party. So, here is Jeff before the reception, just hanging out upstairs at the Kellogg House with his new wife. He apparently was the best bow-maker and was assisting the ladies with a perfect look for the party.
Amelia's little sis, Nicole, was in charge of hair and make-up. She did a fabulous job!

Jeff, waiting for his lady, patiently I might add!
A few portraits before the reception and ring exchange.

Here they are, husband and wife, in no hurry to be or go anywhere.

We really had a lot to work with. Amelia was really excited and eager to get a lot of shots in as usual! She keeps me on my toes. Well, she keeps me running.. on my toes.. it's hard keeping up with her. She truly is a pro!
I love second shooting, it's all about different angles and having fun with the un-expected!
I have about 20 awesome images from this fountain! I had to pick the best and here it is.
Don't you love the attitude in this image! It really makes me think about why they could be standing that way or what the stare is all about! This is my favorite of the day!
And a little funk to go along.

My favorite part about the ring exchange ceremony was The KISS! So fun to be able to have some ceremony pics from this day, totally not expecting to get these cool and unforgettable shots. This small ceremony was very light and cheery. Check out the next shot!
This is Jeff defending his love forever to Ashley. It was a funny moment I swear... But not really anticipated I think, which is why Jeff was caught off guard. I love Ashley's face too, she is kind of wondering what is going on as well!
I have to say 2nd FAVE right here! Well, until you see the cake.
.... the bow on the cake....
...the pearly rose on the cake.....

And HERE IT IS.. The most amazing cake I have ever seen or smelt.. and yes it was delicious!!!!
A detail jumble........Right behind the cake was this jammin Jazz band!! They were fantastic~I Totally recomend live music over a DJ!I have never been able to get this many great catch shots before. Here are the bridesmaid fighting over the bouquet! And finally, the best part of the night, here are Ashley and Jeff during their first dance. This was the definition of newly married love. The let down of emotions was amazing. I couldn't keep the tears away, of course I love that I get to hide behind my camera during these moments.

The last in this fun day, here are Amelia's brother and her uncle, sizzling it up at the crepe bar!!! The yummiest wedding reception by far!!!!

I really had a lot of fun! Thanks to Amelia, of course. And to Jeff and Ashley, congrats and it was a pleasure to be with you and capture these moments on your wedding day!


tracy said...

Wow, you got a lot of really great shots from this wedding Sandra. I agree with your choice for your fav. shot. Love the detail collages too! :) Nice work!

Jasmine said...

What a great job you did!! I'm sure Amelia is stoked to have you shooting with her! :)

angie said...

I love your Second Favorite it's Beautiful!!!

Sandra Salisbury said...

Wow! you are all so sweet! Thanks for always leaving me such warm comments!! It's great to know someones watching me :) Angie, I have been rethinking my 2nd and might change it to my 1st! It is really pretty.... I can't decide, I just love the sass going on in the other one!!!

oh the love!!!