Friday, June 15, 2007

Gerry & Tumy with DrewB

I had the best time working for DrewB. She is a fantastic photographer and I learned a ton following her around and shooting for her all day. We had a great experience at the wedding of Gerry and Tumy. They were married in Dana Point and had their reception at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach. I love Orange county and the beautiful weddings I have done there! Here is Gerry before the ceremony.

One f the beautiful flower girls, well her necklace at least.
And here she is , so adorable!
Tumy's shoes were so hot! love the detail!
Thought this was a fun one!
And the other beautiful flower girl!
I love this shot, it is my second fave of the day.
Yep your shoes are still there! I love how we photographers love shoes! I thought is was just me, It's so not!!!!
Tumy is so beautiful and smart too! She's a lawyer!

A moment caught before heading out to the ceremony.

Official favorite shot.

Amazing shot from the balcony, check out the flash from the audience! They were married at St. Edward's church.
Lensbabies... love em'
What a beautiful church! My dad was telling me this is where Kobe Bryant was married.
And the get away!!!! They're married!!!!!
Blessed with perfect blue skies!
What a hot couple!
The best B&G pics come right after the ceremony. Look at that adoration.
And you grab these fantastic whispers and smiles too!

And now the Island Hotel.

Okay this is a hard runner up for first!

Check out all these details!The cake was so amazing, it deserved its own spot on my blog! Not just a spectacular detail, but a great centerpiece for the room!!!
First dance

Some fun with ring shots, and this wine cork was the party gift for all the guests.
trying to be a bit creative. Turns out there are a lot of piano ring shots out there.. this is my take on it!

This reception was very entertaining! Here is the opening act for the Chinese acrobats.
This young lady was breath taking!
Tumy's Grandmother was the best guest of the entire day! So enthusiastic at 93!
Some fun with the cake cutting! I love their faces.... Don't be afraid to smash your lovers face with cake!!! its Okay!
That's all folks!!! Thanks to Drew for being a great boss!! I had so much fun working with her and look forward to next time!


DrewB said...

You did such an amazing job Sandie! Thanks so much for all of your help and I'm excited for tomorrow!

Amelia Lyon said...

Nice job Sandie....Looks like you had a great time with Drew B!

oh the love!!!