Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Wedding of Ted and Allison

March 30, 2007... The amazing and entertaining wedding of Ted and Allison. if you recall, I shot their engagment pics in the begining of March and I couldn't wait to get to the wedding. The ceremony was at thhe LDS temple in Los Angeles. Both Ted and Allison were beaming as they stepped out of the temple doors. They were greated by a large group of friends/family, who by the way are just as amazing as the loving couple. Me and my hubby, Alex were shooting and my sis Robbi was helping us. After the ceremony we headed to a private luncheon at La Bruschetta and then off to the reception at the La Canada Chapel. I have never been to a wedding full of so much entertainment. There was a lot of singing, and not just singing, it was personal and emotional and well, just AMAZING! There was also dancing, Allison is quite the performer. Ted and Allison compliment each other wonderfully. It was an honor to be a part of their day. I send THE greatest THANK YOU to Amleia Lyon for her awesome refferal and just for being an amazing friend!

I love this shot with the little peeking face in between Ted and Allison
This is my favotire of the day!
Allison wore different shoes all day . 3-4 pairs I think. I loved these red ones! they say a lot about her. Very fun, very vibrant!
We didn't have much time to get many B & G alone shots, but he ones we got came out beautifully. Its not hard to get a loving pic out of these two! They are so in love, it really shows.

They rode off on a motorcycle! So brave! It was a great end to a spectacular day!

These are just a few of the many many fun shots from the day. If you want to see many then click here to see the slideshow. (beware its a long one)
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Amelia Lyon said...

Okay, so I am totally proud of you!!!! You did such an amazing job!!! I knew you could do it! Hopefully this opens up so many doors for you!

Will Parris said...

I love all the images you captured!! Great processing, great composition... great job!! I really love the holding hands picture, simple and elegant! Great job!!

Michael Norwood said...

great stuff! i love the shoe shot. so sweet!

DrewB said...

Love the shot in front of the temple with the bright blue sky!

oh the love!!!