Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Haywood's are BACK and ready for baby

Do you remember the Haywood family? I took some family portraits of them in December. Here they are very anxious for new baby brother to be here! Krisi is my sort of (meaning i can never remember exactly how) cousin, which means I can bug her to take pics when ever and she is always lovely enough to let me! So, here they are super happy as usual and full of fun!

This one is a fave of the day. I can't really decide on just one.

I love the closeness of mom and daughter.

Krisi is absolutley glowing, everytime I see her I am so Jealous of how radiant she is! She is such a beautiful Mom.

So, when I begged Krisi to have another baby when I was pregnant with my last one, she said no we a re getting a dog instead.... Just so you all know you don't always get what you plan for! Anyway this is their actual 3rd baby, Emily Elizabeth.

We couldn't go without a Diva shot from the princess.... check out brothers face. he is so over what this girl has to offer!!! So funny the personalities our little ones develop!

She has a great relationship with her oldest. Her kids are seriously the sweetest and best behaved I know. Especially her son, he is an angel!

The new baby is to be a BOY and you can tell how excited big brother is to meet him!
This is my 2nd fave.

I love the new tat's they were rockin'. I had to play around with them a bit.

Krisi is the best MOM I know. She is exactly what youwant a friend to be like, so giving and sweet. a great example for all future and current moms.

Krisis and Robert all ready have 2 super amazing kids! I can't wait to see what # 3 will add to the mix.
Krisi had this heart cut out out into their perfect little white gate and she loves it so much, so I had to take a dvantage of it!
I just love how a Daddy loves waiting for his new kid to arrive! It is so different from how us girls wait, and so wonderful to see men who love feeling baby kick them!
I can't wait for baby to join this outside world, soon, very very soon! We are so excited for you all. Hopefully we'll have some baby pics to post next week! Click here to see a cool slide show

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