Monday, April 23, 2007

The Easter Bunny was here. I have proof!

Did I forget to post our Easter Weekend Pics? I guess so..... Here they are and what a Weekend it was. We set out early on Saturday to Finkbiner Park for the biggest egg hunt I have ever seen. We almost stayed home due to the rain. The kids really enjoyed the fun and face painting.

He didn't understand what to do. We had to give a lot of encouragement and he kept looking back at us for directions.

My cute big 5-year-old bunny

and my baby bunny resisting his bunny face.

Now he's totally in character.

A small set of Susie and Zach digging in their baskets. This first one is S getting over-excited about her eraser the Easter Bunny put in her basket.

Meet sticky man....

Zach wanted into Sisters basket. I guess his wasn't big enough.

He's about to dump it out. Susie didn't mind, The EB brought her a ring watch.

Zach trying to throw his sticky man to the wall... or the floor. Check out the bunny peep missing his ears. Can you say sugar high?

A cute craft we made at great-g-mas house.

She had to take EVERYTHING out of the basket of course! I'm still picking up easter grass. And for all of you who have yet to get a easter basket from the Eb for you kiddos, think of asking the EB for an alternative to this grassy mess.... perhaps easter paper or easter foam.. It is as bad a tinsel at christmas!

We rushed through our baskets and headed off to church in Alhambra. Here is some of the fun during the egg hunt in the courtyard. Zach was ready to go we literally had to hold him back!

He did pick up that milky way, but I do beleive I stole it and ate it!

After church we headed to my Grandmas for a wonderful lunch.
Great Grandma has special great grand kids forks, spoons and knifes from ZooPals . Susie asks for them everytime we are visiting. Here she is showing off the pink flamingo fork.
I love my kids. I love when they hold your hand, i love trying to take pics of us holding hands while we're walking together. Sometimes it actually works!
Susie's cousin Madelynn sent Great Grandma some easter eggs full of conffetti. Her is Susie getting wacked on the head with the colorful treat.
Throwing eggs up and Zach watching and learning intently!
I really am blessed that we have a wonderful family to share special days with.
Then we headed back home cause we heard that the EB left some eggs in our backyard that we totally forgot to look for in the morn. Here is the driving home shot.

Turns out we did miss all the eggs in the backyard!!! Susie and Zach had a fantastic time finding them all. Despite them being a bit wet form the left over puddlues of the day before, we really enjoyed searching. This was a special easter since it's was Zach's first actual hunting year. He loved this game and wanted play all day. He did a lot better than he did at the park and the church. It took him 3 hunts to get it right. Now he's a PRO!
That's about it. Here are the eggs Z found. Happy late Easter post to ya all!

What a fun couple o days. 3 egg hunts, bunny faces, easter stew!! Must say our best easter yet! One more... me and My guy! dont forget to check out


auntie em said...

oh my goodness, ht ekiddos are getting too big, tell them to stop growing! well i know that wont happen so at least they have a great personal photographer to follow them around. i love the pictures and i wish i was there. take more, i want more, i need more.

MobileDemand said...

Yes, we set up a video camera to roll all night on the eve of Easter in 2006. We caught these glimpses of the Easter Bunny that provides the proof to my four little children that there is an Easter Bunny.

oh the love!!!