Thursday, March 29, 2007

Never pass up a perfect sky!!!!

I decided to get up off my lazy bum and not regret the passing by of another beautiful California sky!!! What will I shoot? Says I. ANYTHING you can!!!!! Says Me. so here it is, anything and everything... my family.

the hat magician
where did the hat go?
oh there it is coming up from behind you. LOOK!
just havin some fun.
too much fun
Z eatin daddy
we do this when schel chel is miss behaving

love the flying jump pictures
she is awesome

me and my babes
My little susie pointed out the rainbow that snuck its way into this picture. She is such the little detail grabber! My little photographer in training. I love this picture, my fave of the set.
the family + robbi, behind the camera, thanks sis.
my hubby got this cute one for me.
and this one too, susie snuck her hand in!

he is growing so fast!
and running fast too.

he's gonna get you!
I had a lot of fun. I beleive we all did. Stay posted, hopefully many wedding stuff coming soon!


Amelia Lyon said...

Wow!!! I seriously can't believe how beautifule that sky was and you captured it so perfectly!!!!! When are you going to post pics from the wedding....come on, I want to see them!

Captivating Studios said...

Cool sky photos!! They look like stock photos almost.

Thanks so much Sandie for stopping by my blog and leaving awesome compliments. Your work rocks too! I'm curious, how did you run across my site?

oh the love!!!