Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey wrap up

Here are a few images from our trip to texas.

Susie in the Fort Worth Jail:
My adorable Zach at the Fort Worth Zoo. Needing a hair cut really bad.. But ohhh so cute!!!
Susie and Zach on the baby Elephant:

My Grandma ans my sis at the Zoo:

Susie and Zach with Santa at the Mall:

The best moment of our visit: Me winning cards with a crazy high count in my hand and still comin gin 1st place!!!!!

The lazy cat warming up:

Hanging out jsut resting on our way to Texas:

Grandma Robins with her friend Bart at Cracker Barrell:

One of the amazing Arizona Sunsets:
Zach and Em:

More to come :)

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