Saturday, December 6, 2008

Garcia Family Portraits: sneek peek

I had the best time today with Robert, Samantha and Lily. You might remember Robert and Samantha from their wedding last year. I was so happy to get to shoot their family pictures with the beautiful miss Lily! She is so darn cute, I could take her picture all day long! Samantha and Robert warned me that she is very aware of the camera and will be all smiles until that shutter snaps. Well, yes she was a bit non interested in my camera and would much rather study it instead of smile at it. But, we used all our photographer and parent powers combined and managed to get many smiles on camera of this little lady! We met at the beautiful Scripps College campus in Claremont, I can't get enough of this campus. It's almost like being in downtown Pasadena... almost!

More to come later. for now here is the beautiful Lily:

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