Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Danny and Brandi Reed

From the first moment I met Brandi and Danny I knew that this day would be one of the most beautiful weddings I would ever be a part of. A perfect Autumn backdrop in Big Bear. A ceremony surrounded by lush trees and fresh crisp air. A darling couple who love each other to no end and who are willing to do anything for a great picture! WOW what a day this was! Even my favorite thing in the world was there that day.. yes RAIN!!!! Rain on a wedding day, blessing indeed. Just see below all the awesome cloudly skies we had as an accessory! Oh did I mention that Brandi has her own fabulous blog and has a great spot on ? I had the talented Ryel along to second shoot for the day. Brandi had one of her beautiful bridesmaids do her makeup and for the days vendors she tried to use the resources Big Bear had to offer. The catering was done by Sweet Basil Bistro and was simply perfect! They even sent 3 trays with us when we did the wedding party pictures down by the lake! Brandi and Danny rented out the Alpenhorn Bed and Breskfast for the weekend. The smooth singing Brian A. Stodart performed live music during the reception. Brian does a phenomenal job of bringing current popular songs to life as well as clasics! Brandi's Aunt and Mom did the wedding flowers themselves!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:


I love starting the day off with a beautiful dress! Brandi and her dress were a perfect match, just like her and Danny I have to say. I love the sweetness of her wedding dress, deffinantly "her"


How calm was Brandi? So calm.. so calm she made everyone around her happy and calm. It was so much fun watching her get ready for her day.

sandrasalisburyphotography (2)

Brandi sent me over to the cabin where the guys had been staying and I got to deliver a gift to Danny. Here he is opening the surprise:


Some super hot detail images of Mr. Reed before the wedding:

sandrasalisbury photo1

Danny and his groomsmen toasting him:

sandra salisbury photo11

Some WOW details from the day: which BTW Brandi planned all along with Danny! They are really clever and keen on so many things I would have never thought of!

wedding big bear details

Brandi and her mom (who has the best name ever) .. If you can't guess or don't all ready know, her mom is Sandy!

sandy and brandi

Brandi getting some final touches


And here we are at the ceremony. As Brandi was ready to head out the door she wanted to be sure that Danny couldn't see her. From her view right inside the B&B she could see him standing at the end of the aisle. I ran as fast as I could to ask him nicely to stop out of view. I didn't want him to be tempted to peek. He quickly did as I asked - he didn't want to be tempted either!
Once all was set I headed back out to wait with Danny for Brandi. I love the way Danny was waiting and wondering as she came down to him. Another great detail of the day was how Brandi had her Dad and Step Dad walk her down together! They did a little trade off in the center of the aisle. It was too sweet!

sandra salisbury

One of the best places to be is right here, in front of ther groom, as he sees his bride for the frst time that day. Priceless!


Not only do I love this moment, but all the faces in the background.

sandra salisbury weddings

I was again lucky to have my big ol' camera to hide my tears!




Just as they were pronounced as man and woman it started to drizzle! It was teasing us all day with the chance of rain and then the vows were said and the kiss was given and then... the rain :) When I checked in on Brandi's blog I saw what she had to say about the weather (the day before her wedding) "I can’t wait to have our wedding outdoors in the mountains! Cold weather is moving in on our day and they’re predicting rain and 30 degree temperatures! Ahhh! And honestly, I really don’t care anymore. Because I’m marrying my best friend tomorrow. I am so, over the top, swirling around, jump to the stars from a trampoline Happy!"
Here are the happy faces!!!!


Just to show you the reality of the cold... here is the MOH signing the wedding contract.. yes that is a mitten!!!!

sandrasalisburyphotographycold big bear wedding

waiting for family to gather for pictures:


So, the best thing about the day (well one of the best) was Brandi telling me "hey I thought we could hop in some cars after the ceremony and cavivan down to the lake for soem pictures"

ummm let me think about that... Here are the results:


I was climbing through the brush and dirt and I decided to turn back when I lost my shoe (which I somehow kicked 10 feet in front of me) and took that as a sign to keep moving forward.. it was worth it!


Super fun party! Braving the cold for thier best friends Brandi & Danny:


And now the most awesome wedding pics ever!!!!

IMG_5792sandrasalisburyphotography copy

so sweet and again... wow!

IMG_5781sandrasalisburyphotography_1 copy copy

Some fun in a series for you:


Fave shot of the day:

fave wedding picture big bear

So adorable! I love these two and the fun they shared with me on 10-4-08!!


Found this sweet little house just asking for us to take its picture:


And the runner up for fave of the day:


they brought the sun along as they entered the reception:

grand entrance

I was moved by the toasts: From the 2 BM and 2 MOH

wedding speaches

Just look at the expressions in this set. Danny totally did it on purpose!


First dance:


They ran outta there so fast and headed off to the rest of their lives together! It was so amazing being part of such a beautiful day! Thank you So much for having me along for the ride!

wedding night

You thought I would forget the Rings? I just wanted to save the sweetest shot of the day for last.. enjoy!



Brandi said...

yay!!!!! THANK- YOU SO MUCH!!! I will spread the Sandra love everywhere! :)

Amber Teal Photography said...

Beautiful!! I love those pictures and those two are so perfect for each other. Not only that but they both have a great sense of style!

Claudia said...

I absolutely LOVE your pics!!!

Rachel Bond said...

Sandra - you're AWESOME.

These photos are incredible and you can really just FEEL the love with this couple. I remember their adorable engagements and fell in LOVE with their love then! ;)

You truly have a gift! P.S. You're meeting with an old friend of mine next week! She saw our engagements and slideshow and I raved ALL ABOUT YOU! Anyways - just throwing some KUDOS your way!

<3 Rach

Rachel Bond said...

Sandra - you're AWESOME.

These photos are incredible and you can really just FEEL the love with this couple. I remember their adorable engagements and fell in LOVE with their love then! ;)

You truly have a gift! P.S. You're meeting with an old friend of mine next week! She saw our engagements and slideshow and I raved ALL ABOUT YOU! Anyways - just throwing some KUDOS your way!

<3 Rach

annette@TripleCord said...

Wow, Sandra! These are great! Could your couple have been anymore gorgeous?!! My favorite is your favorite. You should enter it in a contest for sure!

Blair Van Bussel - So Cal Photographer said...

WOWWWWW!!!! the shots on the bridge are AMAZING! espeshally the ones of the couple , those lines are great! and your faves are most def mine too!

tiffany said...

these are BEAUTIFUL pictures! and they are such a gorgeous looking couple =]

Danielle said...

SO GORGEOUS! I am an obsessive Weddingbee reader and love Mrs. Espresso's blog!

These pictures are some of the most beautiful wedding pics I've ever seen...I particularly love the ones of Danny seeing Brandi for the first sweet!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

the groom has a brad pitt thing goin. great images sandra!!

oh the love!!!