Monday, August 11, 2008

Mr and Mrs Gilmour

You may remember Tricia and Nick from their rainy day engagement session earlier this year. Luckily, the weather for the wedding day was wonderful and sunny and yes, hot but not too hot to have some fun and take a ton of portraits. Both Nick and Tricia are the sweetest people you would want to meet. They were married at the LDS chapel in Glendora CA (my home town) and although I wasn't permited to take pictures during the ceremony... Listening from the open door in the hall was just as much a treat for me. I was holding my camera the entire time just itching to snap a few ... even just one picture, but I respect the rules of a sacred place way to much to break them. And if I had somehow plucked up the courage to push ever so gently on that shutter button.... it would have echoed and drawn attention torawd my shy little self and then what????

One of the coolest parts of the day, just as ever wedding day I am so privilaged to eb a part of, was seeing the 2 families come together and create a memorable day for the newly weds. Most of all was Nick's adorable son Austin, who was of course the ring bearer.

Tricia was so calm and so happy and just so ready to be married to her love...
The Dress and it's accessories:
detail dress

Portraits before the cermony were really fun with her and her ladies. details tricia

Seriously check out these beautiful big blue eyes.. no wonder Nick said I DO! :)
some awesome hair detail: Tricia is a hair stylist BTW.. but she was kind enough and wise enouhg to get help for the day on this one: Looks amazing and helpd up through dancing later you'll see....

And the handsome groom before the ceremony:
details nick

A moment just before the ceremony with Austin and Tricia:
One of my favorite shots of the day:







Catering and Cake by Ritz Catering for the reception at the Glendora Womans Club
details cake
See.. the beautifl hair still in place even through this amazing dancing awesome reception!


IMG_0369 copy
Tricia and her girls (and a entertaining groomsman) having a blast spellin it out YMCA style!

IMG_4091 copy

IMG_0215 copy

The rings for you all to see:

details rings
Thanks to Tricia and Nick for being so much fun and allowing me to be a part of such a beautiful day !

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