Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jaden Terrific 3-year-old!

I am so blessed to have clients that continue to ask me to take pictures during those key moments in the lives of their families. I have had the amazing pleasure of photographing the Gabaldon Family for more than a year. When Stephannie told me about her middle son, Jaden, needing his birthday pics for this year I was so excited to get to see them all again and even more to have some one on one time with this amazing little guy! Most moms to a 3-year-old boy know how much fun and laughter go into each day and the level of energy is defiantly part of the fun! Lucky me having a boy of the same age had me well prepared for this shoot :) We of course, because I am the weather queen, met on the first super hot weekend of the year-it must have been over 100 out. I was sweat-en it up, but Jaden was the best and didn't let the heat slow him down! He was all smiles for our hour together and he was more than pleased with all the props and toys his amazing mommy brought along. Here is Jaden's fun little slideshow

Jaden running through the tube with daddy watching on the other side:

Running up the hill looking oh so cool with his personalized backpack:
the birthday boy enjoying one of those super handy tricks-or is it treats.. I guess it's both.......


Gotta love shoes! Especially kid shoes!

Lovin' the lollipop and being 3!
can you resist this little face.. look at that pout! LOVE IT!

We really had a lot of fun and I can't wait to see the whole family later this year!

happy summer!

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