Friday, May 30, 2008

Jones Family Portraits

The Jones family is a wonderful handful of fun. We met and became friends through my daughters' school and I was thrilled when Mom, Christy, asked me to take some fun family pictures. Her husband Gary mentioned to her that it would be really fun to take some shots in a mustard field. (My fave kind of thing) Christy thought I would hate this idea and have no interest in following them around town stopping where ever we felt! I told her this was called a photographers dream.. and the next weekend we were in that mustard field playing around with their 3 amazing children and family dog, Lady. I can't stress how much fun each one of Gary and Christy's children are. They each have their own set of amazing talents and adorable personalities. I have been so eager to post these images. Here is a slide-show of the day and a few of my favorite shots.

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Yadira said...

Wow! What a great slideshow!!! Thanks for posting ;-)

oh the love!!!