Thursday, January 10, 2008

My 06-07-08 couple!

My baby sis is getting married!!! The big day is rapidly approaching. June 7, 2008. Which is awesome 'cause it lays out as 06-07-08.. I can tell this is gonna be THE day for weddings this summer. I've all ready had 2 other inquires about it. So excited to say that I'm booked that day! Hooray! Any, we did a ton of official engagement pictures while Erin and Adrian were here for the holidays. Thanks so much to both of them for being such beautiful subjects.

I only have one pretty little teaser picture for you for now. There is way more to come!



sandie said...

no sister, you havent commnted here!

auntie em said...

i so did comment here, it must have been sucked into the abyss or something. anyway i dont quite remember exactly what i said, and i would try to recreate it but it was so profound i dont know if i can do it again. lets see....
i love this picture so much but how could i not love it seeing as how the best photographer in the world took it? you are so wonderful to have spent so much time with us (not to mention all the locations)you sure do work hard, but you make it look so easy. thank you so much for being a great sister and thank you for your passion, it really shows in all of your work. i cant wait to see all the others you captured of us. and i am so lucky to have been able to book you for our wedding, im glad you could squeeze us in.

oh the love!!!