Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ben & Elizabeth: Wedding

On December 8th 2007 I headed out to the Los Angeles LDS Temple again. This time for the wedding of Ben Wycherly and Elizabeth Scott. It had been raining like crazy all week and I seriously thought we would be shooting with my 2 giant umbrellas. We lucked out and were shooting with the most amazingly crisp, clear, beautful blue skies to be found in LA, I think the best of the entire year! This was a unique day, given that I was only there for 2-hours and there was no reception to foloow or any getting ready shots ahead of time. The day was full of family and friends full of colorful emotions and well wishes. We did our best to get as many fun portraits in with the time allowed. If you have ever been to the LA temple, you know the massive campus can be a challenge in itself. We deffiantly got our exercise for the day as we were all around the breath-taking grounds!

One of their super adorable nephews
How cute is their little neice.
I took a ton of pics before they exited the temple. Lots of really cute familys. I love this getting ready shot of one of Ben's brothers with his wife and kids.
and the happy couple as the stepped out as man and wife for the first time ever!!! They were glowing with excitement! It was so much fun being that I had not met them before that moment. They flew in to CA earlier int he week and left for their HM right after, so time was limited. They were awesome in front of the camera!
Look at those smiles!

sandrasalisburyphotography16 Elizabeth's Neice ran up and handed her some hand picked flowers, this was so adorable.

This is almost my fave of the day. I love how intently her father is looking at his newly married daughter.

The beautiful Couple!
sandrasalisburyphotography20 Ben with his brothers and his father.



and a ton of portraits, fun and casual. Beautiful subjects make for awesome pictures!



Love the skies!!! how lucky did we get! This is my fave shot of the day just because of the perfect bright greens and blues! I love the way the are looking at each other too!






I really had fun buzzing around with Elizabeth and Ben on the temple grounds. Here is a link to their slideshow enjoy! Congratulations!

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