Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween 2007

I haven been attacked verbally by some of my friends and family waiting to see birthday party and halloween pictures. I don't have the party pics up yet but here are the adorable Oct 31st pics. The first one is Susie at her school parade in the morning.
IMG_9011 Since this is Zach's 1st year as a walking participant for halloween, fun was at an all time high! Those of you who know him will be shocked to here that he was saying all kinds of phrases! Trick-or-Treat, thank-you, candy please!!!! It was adorable and unforgetable! He lasted for a while! We were, however, very thankful for bringing the stoller along just in case of a burn-out! Susie was a trooper, as always and I;m sure if we let her she would trick and treat all night!
IMG_9359 What a funny little pirate this boy turned out to be!

Stayed tuned for birthday party adventure pics!


Jennifer Elaine said...

Hey Sandie! Your kids are sooooo cute. Thanks for looking at the pics, I'm so glad you like them! Can't wait to get together for lunch!

angie said...

OH! so sweet, I love the little Pirate costume!

Anonymous said...

how cute are these. i just saw them today very cute. how did i miss these? anyway wonderful work

oh the love!!!