Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm in LOVE with Lightroom!

I had the great privilage of working for Will Parris of Parris Studios last weekend and besides having the best time shooting a great wedding and watching Will hold his crazy enthusiam the entire day... I got to spy on him while he worked on his slideshow. He was using Adobe Lightroom ( which I have never seen in action before) and I had to get it and put it to work for my self!!!!!! I am so happy with how simple it is to use and manage all of my images! I can't beleive how much time it has saved me all ready! WOW! Really WOW!

If you are a photographer who has not yet tried this amazing product, for what ever reason, even if you feel your workflow is perfect!! Please just try it out! (oh and the great pics I took last week with Will Parris will be up soon)

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