Saturday, July 7, 2007

Stephanie and Bryan, another great DrewB Wedding!

I had another great experience working with Drew from DrewB Photography. Stephanie and Bryan were married on June 16th. I've been really busy with my own clients work and finally I had a chance to get this super-second-shooter wedding blogged! So, here it is.. lets start it off with a cool dress shot! Set up by the amazing Drew, I was happy to get a few shots in. I really love the new wave of non-traditional wedding dresses! It mixes things up and allows for some really pretty pics!!

When I got to the girls hang out, Drew was working on some ring shots, here is my first one.
I kind of took a lot of ring shots for this wedding, it's my secret calling. This one is particularly cool, because Stephanie and Bryan both work for Active. When I got to the house and heard that from Drew, I laughed and told her that someone had put this flyer on my car just before I headed over. So, we grabbed it and had some fun! Here is my Active, Stephanie and Bryan wedding ring shot. And some getting ready shots of the beautiful bride, oh and the flower girl, who of course stole my heart!

Love this one!

And meet Bryan, the groom, ya know, just hanging out in the 90 degree heat outside of the church.
Bryan and his guys.

Stephanie at the church, some last touches before the ceremony. She is so expressive, makes it really easy to get some happy, emotional shots.
Here is Bryan as he first sees Stephanie headed towards him.

I LOVE the just after moments. Here are Stephanie and Bryan in back in the bridal room with all their attendants, incredibly happy and congratulating the new married couple! Check out his groomsman giving him the awesome YOU ROCK hand signal!!!

Look at these happy married faces!

Drew totally had her hands full with this HUGE wedding party, but its totally worth it when you get fun, wide shots like this!
I enjoy it when the couple is up for getting those traditional bride with groomsmen and groom with bridesmaids shots. It's not for everyone, but Stephanie and Bryan really knew how to work it and have some fun!

A lucky shot of the flower girl staring right at me during this ladies shot. She was a total camera magnet! I love it!

Just hanging out with the girls! Oh and showing off our cute shoes!!

Awesome cake...
Awesome details...

The grand entrance...
The 1st dance...Stephanie and her dad...
Bryan and his mom...
And the rest of my ring shots. I couldn't pick just one.

I look forward to more opportunities with Drew. Congrats to Stephanie and Bryan!

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amelialyon said...

Wow, you ROCKED these two weddings with DrewB....great job, I am really in awe of how amazing your images look lately!!!!

oh the love!!!