Thursday, July 5, 2007

Anna and Derrick, the Wedding

June 30th 2007, Wedding in San Dimas CA

As you may recall, I had the great privilege of meeting and getting to know Anna & Derrick during their engagement session a few months back. I was really excited for their wedding and had my hubby Alex by my side shooting, which was an extra special treat because our 5-year-anniversary is only 11 days after this wedding. This couple was great to work with, very sweet and so much in-love! The wedding took place in their home church in San Dimas and was followed by a beautiful reception at the brides family home in the same city. The entire estate was draped with flowing white linens and garnished with soft greens and icy purples. A cooling treat to this hot summer day was the snowflake theme Anna incorporated into all the tables and details. This was an enjoyable retreat into a winter fairyland. Anna and Derick and their families had a blast dancing and celebrating this new step in life! Congrats to the happy husband and wife. Soon to follow will be the Sandra Salisbury Photography Slide show if this wedding, so be sure to come back for more!
Anna's grandmother's snowflake broach, the inspiration for the wedding theme.
How hot is this lighting! Anna looks amazing, what a beautiful bride!
I love these almost running shots down the hall. She was out of the bridal room in a flash!

Some fun with the friends!
Derrick and his guys. Billy (far left) is his brother, and my old neighbor who referred me to Anna and Derrick!!!!!! Thanks so much to Jessica and Billy.... I'm holding out for the day you two need my services. =)
One of my faves of the day.
The gorgeous Anna and her ladies!
I've mentioned before, I'm a softy when it comes to flower girls, and this wedding had 4 of them!!!!! Even more so was I obsessed with them since Bryce and Brooklynn are my old neighbors and I just love them so much!!!! They are THE cutest twin girls I have ever seen! It was, however, a huge challenge to get all 4 little ladies to sit with the bride. Here is what i had to work with.
And I suppose Derrick will one day make a super dad, he all ready has uncle down!
My fave shadow shot thus far in my career! I love it! The summer day have such awesome long sunsets and great opportunities to play around a lot!

Here is my #2 fave of the day. I just love the cleanness of it! CRISP! Refreshing!! AWWWW!
And what an awesome car. We really had fun with this!
Here it is............ MY # 1 FAVORITE OF THE DAY!!!!!!! I have a lot, but this one wins the gold.

We followed them and caught some cool stuff, despite Alex gripping about me hanging my camera out the window, we had fun chasing this hot car!
See.... it pays off to risk some heavy equipment out the window!And here they are arriving through the back entrance of the property, which was a surprise to all their guests!

More TOOO cute flower girls.
And I totally had to throw in a great shot of my reason for booking this spectacular wedding, BILLY AND JESSICA! Thanks again guys!

Obsessed, I know, but could you resist this face?

And another of the lovely twins, dancing with their daddy.
Check out Derrick, looking awesome at the end of the night.
And ever better with his wife, Anna!
And since they didn't have a grand exit, I stole them away for a few last portraits before the night was over. A sweet little moody shot of them, relaxed and relieved. The night has come and it's off to the rest of their lives together. I hope you are enjoying your awesome cruise! I'm so happy for you both! Thanks for being an incredible couple. Don't forget to check back soon for that slide show.

happy Honeymooning!!!!

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