Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Amazing Trip To Mexico for a rockin' WEDDING!

In May I had the best time in Ensenada with the blissful Amelia Lyon and the Radical Tracy Kumono. I was tagging along as the assistant to the fabulous photographer, and was able to catch these fun images on the sly. I truly had a wonderful time and it was a perfect work vacation. Not only did I get to eat amazing food all weekend and hang out with some cool people (Amelia's parents are super fun) but, the whole experience was a tremendous learning triumph!! One hundred thanks to all those who support me in my quest to becoming the artist that I find has been hiding out inside of me. I could do nothing without your thought and support. I enjoyed the time down south but have to give credit to my wonderful husband Alex for letting me escape for 3 whole days and for never complaining about my LONG hours here at home!!! =)

The view from the hotel where the wedding party and guests stayed

The Bride and Grom took their guys and gals down town for some festive pics.
The crazy Mexico walls were a lot of fun!

A little set up by Amelia, I was able to catch a great angle for myself!

If anyone feels a translation is in order..please go ahead. Although I do fear the response beacuse the smell of the sewer below us was incredable!
Here are Tracy and Amelia on the job....
One of the adorable kids of the city trying to sell us products! working so hard at such a young age!!!!!!!! It was hard to pass up their little faces.

Some details, the place cards for the guests were baggage tags, so smart with the destination wedding and all!!!!

I love this bride and groom, totally cool and laid back all day.It made the day interesting and enjoyable, but hey we were in Mexico!

That's all friends!!! I will have another posting up shortly. I have been blessed to be busy lately and can't wait to get more up.

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Amelia Lyon said...

Tooo cute!!! I love seeing the random shots you get...I don't even notice you shooting yet you still manage to get pretty great stuff...even my prego belly!:)

oh the love!!!