Thursday, January 11, 2007

just a little fun with my kids, embracing the overcast day!

I love the overcast sky and the super pure look the world has under it. Less harsh, more vibrant... all you need is a few pumps here and there! Check out Susie and Zach loving life.


Sandra Salisbury said...

I know Zach looks a little cold. and did you check out the bump on the right side of his head?

Amelia said...

These shots of your kids are great and they seriously are your toughest subjects, as is Hudson! Anyway, call me sometime this week and I'll help you out with whatever you need.


auntie em said...

im so making copies of these for me, maybe you can fly out here and take pics of my babies...oh thats right i dont have any...but you can still fly out here and take pics anyway! you are definetly worth it!

oh the love!!!