Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rob + Jodi & family : portraits

Taking pictures of people I know is one of my favorite things about being a photographer. Where it is a wonderful thing to get to know a bride and her future husband before the wedding and take pictures of their day. It is even greater a pleasure to experience a portrait session with a family who I already know and love.
I have been bugging Jodi to have me capture her family pictures for I guess at least a year now. She was always telling me it would be a bigger challenge than I could anticipate. I assured her I could handle it and finally the timing worked perfectly and we were off! Since Jodi and Rob have put a lot of time and love into their new backyard, we shot their pictures right at their home. I have so many favorite images and had THE most fun taking pictures with all 5 of them. Especially Mr. Zack who was, as always a crazy little ham!!!!!!

I have too many favorites. Here is the first:

This is Samantha, who Jodi thought would be the biggest challenge.. to find out.. keep scrolling


And Rob with Nick and Zack:


The three amigos!

Here is a fun little set. We had let Sam play with the bubbles to keep her in a great mood and it turned into a great series of fun: look at those faces!


So many bubbble pictures to choose from.. this was a for sure sandrasalisbury blog must see


Sam was trying so hard!


This is my fave of the 5 together:

How cute are they.... :)


Crazy Zack.. I'm not sure if I like him so darn much due to the fact of having my own Zach or because he has been in Susie's class for 2 years and is so entertaining. I counld never get enough of working with him in class. SO here he is not being a crazy ham! Jus to prove I can control my subject... sometimes.....


And Nick.. with a true smile on! I'm sure your mom is happy!


And now time for some SAM and CHEESE!!!! oh and my Fave image of the non group of 5! :)

Gotta love the kids!

No wonder they have 3 great looking babies! What a pleasure it was to take your family pictures!


One more SAM... and cheese ! What a little camera diva she turned out to be :)



Kathy said...

SO CUTE! I love the last family picture and the last one of Sam, that is adorable!

Yadira said...

What beautiful pictures!

oh the love!!!