Monday, December 8, 2008

Garcia Family Pictures

It was such a great honor to photograph this awesome little family. Robert, Samantha ans Lily were too much fun! They were warning me about the ability of baby Lily to realize the camera is there and then not smile.. but after learning her tricks.. I soon came up with some of my own. Robert and Sam wanted a few of the 3 together and then a bunch of Lily. She was so adorable in her little red holiday dress. Here are my top images of the shoot:


Here is my fave of Lily by herself.. Look at that happy little girl :)

Adorable big eyes and a great smile.. Robert and Sam will have their hands full for years to come!

Tummy time with Little Lily:

This next one was during the start of the shoot ans she was not yet into my bag of craziness that I was trying to use to get a response out of her! She is a serious little babe!

And next is my fave image of the shoot. Sam says Lily is totally a Daddy's girl and I think this proves it right here:

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